Leadership and Management Consulting

Leadership alignment

Sigma 2.0 partners work with our clients to improve corporate performance through accelerating exceptional leadership capabilities individually and collectively. By aligning those executives responsible for strategy execution with the organization’s vision, we can help determine the leadership capabilities needed to drive the strategy and deliver on the organization’s commitments.

Strategy Alignment

Sigma 2.0 provides the senior leadership team with the process and tools to help clarify the organization’s business direction, operationalize execution, and define the necessary changes to achieve business results. These changes include modifications in roles, responsibilities, accountabilities and interdependencies. Sigma 2.0 consultants conduct skip level interviews and data review to find out how much of the key messages and strategic direction are understood, embraced and acted on by the organization’s leadership.

Leadership & Management Coaching

Sigma 2.0 provides advice, counsel and coaching to line executives on a broad range of business and leadership related topics – acting as trusted advisors with the sole purpose of enabling the executive’s continuing success. Our process enables senior leaders to apply coaching skills as leaders of leaders, resolve conflicts and to maximize their individual (and their teams) performance toward improved business results.

Executive Coaching to CEO’s, CFO’s, Group Executives, Division Presidents and Line Of Business Heads

Sigma 2.0’s C-suite executive coaching services provide confidential advice, counsel and coaching to enterprise leaders in an environment free of any concern but for the continuing success of the leader.

Executive/Leader Assessment

Sigma 2.0’s Executive/Leader assessment provides the organization with an understanding of a particular leader’s strengths, potential derailment factors and ability to lead in the current environment. In addition, our interpretation and consultation around the aggregated assessment data will raise the executive’s awareness of their effectiveness as a leader in the organization for which they are responsible.

Let us be your catalyst for transformation and a trusted ally in your executive journey.

When you choose Sigma 2.0, you gain a trusted partner committed to your professional growth and organizational excellence. Our experienced consultants combine deep industry knowledge with a passion for empowering executives like you. Together, we will tackle your most pressing challenges, seize opportunities, and drive your business forward.

Leadership and Management Consulting - Sigma 2.0