Business Growth Initiatives

Advisory services

We help organizations prepare for and implement initiatives to move firms from the entrepreneurial stage to a more professionally managed organization. Initiatives such as refocusing vision and strategy, addressing governance matters, short, medium and long term financial incentive refinements are typical assignments. Preparing for next stage financing, exploring buy vs. build options, and making acquisitions are also examples of our advisory work. In cases where clients require an interim CFO as they transition to their next stage of growth, Sigma 2.0 can provide experienced financial professionals able to support the enterprise with key financial information and operational analytics on a short or medium term basis.

Working and coordinating closely with attorneys in a corporate setting is a unique Sigma 2.0 service. While Sigma 2.0 does not provide legal advice, its advisers have in-depth experience working with lawyers and consulting on a myriad of legal issues – from litigation to financing to mergers and acquisitions.

Building Market-Facing Effectiveness

In general terms, little is understood about what makes an organization’s go-to-market practices effective. By using a research-based approach that defines and categorizes the many factors that contribute to an effective sales and marketing organization, Sigma 2.0 offers companies tools for diagnosing an ailing sales and marketing function and pinpointing corrective steps for management.

Building High Performing Senior Teams

Sigma 2.0 provides the Senior Leadership Team with the necessary tools and consulting expertise to create a high performing team able to execute strategy and deliver on their value proposition.

High Value Initiatives

In the context of real work, business initiatives can cross all areas of an enterprise addressing challenges and opportunities that can significantly impact short and long term business results. Sigma 2.0 can assess and recommend enhancements to the leadership capabilities necessary to drive the desired results of these initiatives.

Client Facing Team Advisory Services

Our services provide client facing executives and their teams with tools and processes to ensure that the team is empowered with a singular focus on the client relationship and on alignment with the clients’ strategic objectives and measurements. Sigma 2.0 assists client facing teams in developing a relationship vision and objective measures for managing the client, thereby building the foundation for effective delivery of services, and partnering with clients in new and innovative ways.

Let us be your catalyst for transformation and a trusted ally in your executive journey.

When you choose Sigma 2.0, you gain a trusted partner committed to your professional growth and organizational excellence. Our experienced consultants combine deep industry knowledge with a passion for empowering executives like you. Together, we will tackle your most pressing challenges, seize opportunities, and drive your business forward.

Business Growth Initiatives - Sigma 2.0