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Unleash your organization’s potential with Sigma 2.0, where our collaborative approach combines real-world coaching and proven expertise. Our experienced partners and consultants, with backgrounds spanning a wide-array of business functions, actively engage with senior leaders to deliver exceptional results. Experience the difference of Sigma 2.0 and witness the transformation within your organization.

Advice and Counsel to CEO's, Managing Partners and Boards

Corporate Governance

Our corporate governance services provide comprehensive support in optimizing board practices, roles, and responsibilities. We enhance individual board member and committee effectiveness, ensuring a high-performing board overall. Our expertise extends to CEO succession planning and facilitating a seamless search process. We also specialize in defining clear roles and responsibilities between the board and management, fostering strong governance frameworks. Elevate your corporate governance standards with our trusted advisory services.

Fractional C-Suite Services

We offer the expertise of our highly experienced senior-level consultants, who step in as fractional executives to fill leadership gaps in your organization on a part-time basis. Whether you need a fractional CEO, CMO, COO, or other C-suite roles, we deliver faster results, a fresh perspective, and a tangible return on investment.

Leadership and Management Consulting

Leadership alignment

At Sigma 2.0, we partner with our clients to drive exceptional corporate performance by accelerating leadership capabilities at both the individual and collective levels. By aligning key executives responsible for strategy execution with the organization's vision, we determine the leadership capabilities necessary to drive strategic initiatives and deliver on your commitments.

Strategy Alignment

Our expert consultants provide your senior leadership team with the process and tools to clarify your organization's business direction, operationalize execution, and define the necessary changes to achieve tangible business results. Through skip level interviews and comprehensive data review, we assess how well the key messages and strategic direction are understood, embraced, and acted upon by your leadership.

Leadership & Management Coaching

Sigma 2.0 offers tailored advice, counsel, and coaching to line executives, covering a wide range of business and leadership topics. As trusted advisors, our consultants enable executives to reach new heights of success. We equip senior leaders with the skills to coach their own teams, resolve conflicts, and maximize performance, ultimately driving improved business results.

Executive Coaching to CEO’s, CFO’s, Group Executives, Division Presidents and Line Of Business Heads

Our C-suite executive coaching services provide confidential advice, counsel, and coaching to CEOs, CFOs, Group Executives, Division Presidents, and Line of Business Heads. With Sigma 2.0 as your trusted partner, you can navigate the challenges of leadership in an environment solely focused on your continuous success.

Executive/Leader Assessment

Sigma 2.0's Executive/Leader assessment offers a comprehensive understanding of a leader's strengths, potential derailment factors, and ability to lead in the current business environment. Our interpretation and consultation around the aggregated assessment data provide valuable insights that raise awareness of an executive's effectiveness within the organization they lead.

Business Growth Initiatives

Advisory services

We specialize in helping organizations transition from the entrepreneurial stage to becoming professionally managed entities. Our advisory services focus on initiatives that refocus vision and strategy, address governance matters, and refine short, medium, and long-term financial incentives. We assist in preparing for next-stage financing, exploring buy vs. build options, and facilitating acquisitions. Additionally, when clients require an interim CFO during their growth transition, Sigma 2.0 provides experienced financial professionals to support the enterprise with crucial financial information and operational analytics on a short or medium-term basis.

Building Market-Facing Effectiveness

Understanding what makes a go-to-market strategy effective is often a challenge. Sigma 2.0 employs a research-based approach that identifies and categorizes the factors contributing to a successful sales and marketing organization. We offer companies the tools to diagnose and address any issues within their sales and marketing functions, enabling them to take corrective actions and drive improved performance under the guidance of our expert consultants.

Building High Performing Senior Teams

Sigma 2.0 equips your Senior Leadership Team with the necessary tools and consulting expertise to create a high-performing team capable of executing your organization's strategy and delivering on your value proposition. We provide invaluable guidance in team development, fostering collaboration, and establishing an environment that promotes excellence.

High Value Initiatives

In the context of real work, business initiatives can span across all areas of your enterprise, presenting significant challenges and opportunities. Sigma 2.0 assesses and recommends enhancements to the leadership capabilities required to drive desired outcomes for these initiatives. We ensure that your organization possesses the necessary leadership skills and expertise to tackle these critical endeavors head-on.

Client Facing Team Advisory Services

Our services empower client-facing executives and their teams to prioritize client relationships and align with strategic objectives. Sigma 2.0 provides tools and processes to establish a clear vision and measurable objectives for managing client interactions. This foundation enables effective service delivery and fosters innovative partnerships with clients.

Family Business Consulting

Tailored Solutions for Family Enterprises

Family businesses require specialized solutions to navigate their unique challenges. Sigma 2.0 is dedicated to addressing the complexities of family enterprises. Our comprehensive Family Business Consulting services cover a wide range of areas, including succession planning, leadership coaching for the next generation, governance and ownership distribution, and defining roles and responsibilities for family and non-family members.

Let us be your catalyst for transformation and a trusted ally in your executive journey.

When you choose Sigma 2.0, you gain a trusted partner committed to your professional growth and organizational excellence. Our experienced consultants combine deep industry knowledge with a passion for empowering executives like you. Together, we will tackle your most pressing challenges, seize opportunities, and drive your business forward.

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