Family Business Consulting

Family businesses present very unique challenges.  Sigma 2.0 engagements have encompassed succession planning, coaching of candidates from the next generation to succeed in leadership, governance and the distribution of ownership as well as roles and responsibilities of key family and non-family members.

A key characteristic of Sigma 2.0 consulting is our team approach.  We have specialists in finance, corporate governance, change management, sales and marketing, human behavior and communications.  Sigma 2.0 is able to provide a highly experienced, multidisciplinary team in each of these disciplines with as few as two people dedicated to each engagement. Unlike the typical large (and expensive) consulting firms, Sigma 2.0 provides experienced senior people capable of working directly with business owners.

Family businesses place demands on people to participate in a variety of roles – business owner, employee and family member.  Changes in a family firm often shake up previously established patterns of behavior as power, prestige, role definitions and self esteem are altered.  Our consultants are experienced in helping  clients navigate the terrain as they make changes to improve the health and longevity of their businesses.

Examples of our work:

  • Prepare a family member to become the next head of the company. 
  • Identify family members in the business who aren’t pulling their weight and fix the problem. 
  • Prepare the business to take on and integrate professional management into the company. 
  • Help with succession where family conflicts are negatively affecting the business. 
  • Create advisory boards able to contribute valuable experience and expertise to the organization. 

Let us be your catalyst for transformation and a trusted ally in your executive journey.

When you choose Sigma 2.0, you gain a trusted partner committed to your professional growth and organizational excellence. Our experienced consultants combine deep industry knowledge with a passion for empowering executives like you. Together, we will tackle your most pressing challenges, seize opportunities, and drive your business forward.

Family Business Consulting - Sigma 2.0